Husqvarna TE 250i 2019

Condition: New

More Information:
=>State-of-the-art electronic fuel injection 2-stroke technology
=>Reduced fuel consumption
=>No premix needed
=>Smooth & clean power delivery
=>Low maintenance costs
=>Hydraulic clutch
=>Excellent handling and agility
The big displacement 2-stroke engines on the TE 250i and TE 300i are the benchmark in unrivalled power in a lightweight construction. They feature precisely positioned shaft arrangements for optimal mass centralisation, a counter balancer shaft reducing vibration, a twin-valve controlled power valve and 6-speed enduro gearbox. Both models feature a pioneering electronic fuel injection system. This comprises of a set of fuel injectors positioned at the transfer ports that deliver the ideal amount of fuel into the engine for every condition. This not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also delivers a clean and smoother power delivery across the range.
Both cylinders feature two inlet positions located on the transfer ports at the rear where a pair of fuel injectors are mounted. The injectors deliver the fuel downwards into the transfer port offering excellent atomisation with the air travelling upward to the combustion chamber. This ensures a more efficient combustion resulting in reduced fuel consumption and emissions. A tube on the rear of the cylinders is connected to a sensor, which relays intake pressure data to the ECU. Both cylinders feature a twin valve controlled power valve system, which delivers smooth and controlled power throughout the RPM range. The bore on the TE 250i is 66.4mm, whereas on the TE 300i it is 72mm.
=>Dual fuel injectors → excellent atomisation, reduced fuel consumption
=>Power valve → Smooth power delivery, customisable
The lightweight piston is perfectly matched to the cylinder transmitting minimal oscillating mass and ensuring high levels of reliability and performance.
=>Piston → fits perfectly to cylinder
Engine casings
The lightweight, die-cast casings on both engines are developed with the goal to improve mass centralisation. They accommodate a shaft arrangement aimed at centralising oscillating mass and improving ride-ability.
=>Die cast engine casings → mass centralisation, improved handling
=>New engine covers → better wear resistance
Counter balancer shaft
The engine houses laterally mounted counter balancer shaft which significantly reduces vibration resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.
=>Counter balancer shaft → significantly reduces vibration
The crankshafts feature a 72mm stroke and are balanced in conjunction with the counter balancer shafts for minimum vibration. By incorporating a heavier ignition rotor, the crankshafts produce more inertia than the TC 250 motocross model for better control in the lower RPM range.
6-speed gearboxes on both models feature enduro specific ratios. Innovative shift levers reduce dirt build up guaranteeing easy operation in all conditions.
=>6-speed gearbox → enduro specific ratios
=>Gear lever → prevents dirt build up & blockage
The TE 250i and TE 300i feature a DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch. The clutch uses a single diaphragm spring instead of the more common coil spring design resulting in a much lighter clutch action. This design also incorporates a damping system that increases both traction and durability. Combined with the Magura hydraulic system the set-up is light and offers modular clutch feeling that is near maintenance free and adjustable.
=>DDS clutch → light action, increased traction & reliability
=>Magura hydraulic system → light & modular action, almost maintenance free
Both models are fitted with an electric starter located below the engines for optimum protection. The systems are linked to new generation lightweight and powerful Li-ion batteries for reliable starting.
=>Starter motor → located under the engine
=>New Li-Ion battery → lightweight & reliable
Oil tank & pump
The TE 250i/300i feature electronic oil pumps that feed 2-stroke oil into the engines to keep them lubricated. The pumps are located just below the oil tank feeding the oil via the throttle body. Oil is not mixed with the fuel, eliminating the need for pre-mixing as on traditional 2-stroke engines. The tank capacity is 0.7 l which lasts for an average of five full tanks of fuel before needing to be refilled. A low oil sensor illuminates a light visible to the rider when the oil needs to be refilled.
=>Oil pump & tank → convenient solution, eliminates pre-mix

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