Husqvarna TC 65 2020 Finance Available

Condition: New

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TC 65
Featuring the latest in 2-stroke technology, the TC 65 is highly competitive in the 65cc class. Apart from using the lightest and most durable materials, the engine features a pressure controlled exhaust valve that delivers top-level performance. Additionally, the engine features a manual 6-speed transmission and hydraulic clutch allowing the rider to have full control of the power delivery.
The high-performance cylinder is made from lightweight and durable aluminium. Incorporating a pressure controlled exhaust valve (PCEV) the cylinder provides unrivalled performance within the highly competitive 65cc class.
The high-strength chromoly steel frame integrates carefully calculated parameters of longitudinal flex and torsional rigidity to benefit handling and suspension functionality. It guarantees easy handling and precise cornering, along with outstanding stability. The subframe is fitted to the frame with four screws and is made of lightweight aluminium.
The progressive bodywork is scaled down to precisely fit the proportions of an 65cc rider. The contact points and feeling allow the younger riders to feel the similar control and comfort found on the larger models.
The ergonomics instil confidence while leaving room for free and unrestricted movement thanks to the broad and flat seat and one-piece airbox covers.
Made from lightweight cast aluminium, the hollow swingarm is designed using sophisticated simulation data and calculated to have the optimal rigidity while using minimal wall thickness. As a result, the swingarm features the ideal rigidity at the least possible weight.
An intelligent cooling circuit with integrated crankcase cooling and two radiators ensures heat dissipation. The result is constant temperature balance for consistent high performance.
Front Suspension
Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the TC 65 is fitted with WP XACT forks with AER technology. Besides being very lightweight, the 35 mm USD forks feature exceptional damping and comfort characteristics that allow riders to perform with complete confidence. With 215 mm of wheel travel, the air unit in the left fork leg can be adjusted easily with the use of an air pump for rider preference, weight or track conditions.
Rear Suspension
Linked directly to the swingarm, the WP XACT monoshock is matched perfectly to the front forks for the perfect balance and damping characteristics.
Additionally, the rear shock offers 270 mm of suspension travel and is fully adjustable allowing it to be tailored to rider preferences or track conditions.
Made of high quality aluminium alloy, the handlebars offer top stability and safety. Additionally, a specific handlebar bend is created to offer the best ergonomic position. A crash pad on the handlebar brace protects the rider from impacts.
The reliable and light hydraulic clutch system guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation and perfect action in every condition. With the play being constantly adjusted, the pressure point and function of the clutch remain identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.
Mirroring the full-size motocross range, the TC 65 uses lightweight, black anodised, aluminium rims that provide the highest strength and reliability. The standard MAXXIS tyres offer progressive grip on a variety of different terrains.
Featuring the same level of technology offered on the full-size motocross range, the TC 65 is fitted with hydraulic brake callipers and large waved front (198 mm) and rear (160 mm) brake discs. The system ensures advanced brake feeling and stopping performance in all conditions.

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