Husqvarna TC 250 2020 Finance available

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TC 250


The TC 250 2-stroke engine is the best combination of unsurpassed power and lightweight construction. The simplicity and low maintenance cost of the 2-stroke motor has made it a favourite amongst motocross riders for generations. The TC 250 engine features the latest 2-stroke technology aimed at centralizing rotating masses and reducing vibration while delivering the highest level of performance in its class.


The 66.4 mm bore cylinder features an innovative power valve system, which delivers a smooth and controlled power throughout the RPM range. The exhaust port features a machined finished for optimal function and performance. The power delivery can be further customized by simply changing between the two springs supplied. This changes the power delivery for different track conditions and according to rider preference.

=>Cylinder & power valve → smooth, customizable power delivery
=>Machined exhaust port → optimal function & performance

Engine Casings

The TC 250 engine is developed with mass centralization as a pivotal design objective. Housing the shaft arrangements in the perfect position, the lightweight, die-cast engine casings help centralize oscillating masses and improve rideability.

=>Shaft arrangements → ideally positioned for mass centralisation

Counter Balancer Shaft

The TC 250 features a laterally-mounted counter balancer shaft. Significantly reducing vibrations, this shaft offers a smooth and comfortable ride and reduced rider fatigue.
=>Counter balancer shaft → reduced vibration


The TC 250 features a 38 mm flat slide Mikuni TMX carburettor with an advanced setting for optimal performance. Providing a smooth and controllable power delivery, it also offers optimal performance over the entire RPM range.

=>38mm Mikuni carburettor → advanced setting


The TC 250 features a 5-speed gearbox. Guaranteeing precise and easy shifting, the no-dirt shift lever also prevents the build-up of dirt in the toughest conditions.

=>5-speed gearbox → precise & easy shifting
=>No-dirt gear lever → prevents dirt build up

DDS Clutch

The TC 250 features a DDS (Damped Diaphragm Steel) clutch. Using a diaphragm spring instead of the more common coil spring design it allows for a much lighter clutch action. This design also allows for a damping system that increases traction and durability.

=>DDS clutch → light action, increased traction & reliability
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