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TC 125


With 40 hp and an overall weight of just 17.2 kg, the TC 125 is at the pinnacle of performance in the competitive 125cc class. The lightweight engine is designed to provide more torque than current 125cc 2–stroke engines, making the TC 125 easier to ride for both beginners and seasoned professionals. The TC 125 engine is designed to centralize rotating mass for optimal operation with the chassis resulting in a light and agile handling feel.

=>Pinnacle of performance → 40 hp at 17.2 kg
=>Mass-centralisation → significant benefits in handling & manoeuvrability

Cylinder & Piston

The cylinder has a 54 mm bore. An innovative power valve design controls both the main exhaust and lateral exhaust ports. With a machined finish on the upper contour of the exhaust port, the system ensures accurate port timing while delivering unrivalled performance.

=>Optimised exhaust port → optimal performance & controllability


Manufactured to be as light as possible, the crankshaft is balanced perfectly to reduce vibrations. The component is also positioned accordingly to ensure that the rotational mass created has very little effect on the handling of the motorcycle.

=>Lightweight crankshaft → reduced vibration


High-pressure die cast production processes ensure low weight, thin wall thickness and optimum durability. The crankcase design also aids in a compact arrangement, positioning the shaft arrangements closer to the centre of gravity for optimal handling. The historical Husqvarna logo adorns the bronze-finished crankcase covers as a modern-day salute to the 2-stroke legends of the past.

=>High pressure die cast production → light weight & optimum strength
=>Compact crank case design→ optimal centre of gravity for advanced handling


The TC 125 features a 38 mm flat slide Mikuni TMX carburettor. The carburettor provides a smooth and controllable power delivery with optimal performance over the entire RPM range.

=>38 mm Mikuni carburettor → optimal power deliver, optimal performance


Manufactured exclusively for Husqvarna Motorcycles by Pankl Racing Systems, the motocross-specific 6-speed gearbox ensures the highest level of durability and reliability. The gear lever features an innovative tip design that prevents dirt build-up.

=>MX specific 6-speed gearbox → manufactured by Pankl Racing Systems

DS Clutch

The TC 125 features a DS (Diaphragm Steel) clutch. The exclusive characteristics of this system include a single diaphragm steel pressure plate instead of traditional coil springs. The clutch basket is a single-piece CNC machined steel component that allows the use of thin steel liners and contributes to the compact design of the engine.

=>DS clutch → lighter, with better modulation & advanced durability

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