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About Us

Introduction to SJP Moto Husqvarna Race Team

SJP Moto Husqvarna are an Official Husqvarna Motorcycles UK supported team that consists of a Youth and Adult Pro diversion. Within the Youth ranks the SJP Moto Husqvarna Race team are the Official Husqvarna UK Youth team for the 2020 season. The SJP Moto Race Team are based in the North Lincolnshire area.

What is SJP Moto?

SJP Moto is a Motorcycle dealership based in North Lincolnshire since 2013 and became an Official Husqvarna dealership in 2014. Currently employing 4 members of staff within the company. Since 2016 they have extended the workshop and built a purpose built race workshop, offering full engine and suspension services in house.

Introduction to the Sport of Motocross

Motocross is arguably one of the toughest and most spectacular forms of motorcycle sport. From the moment the start gate drops its bar to bar action as the riders take on some of the best and most demanding circuits in the country. With family values which run through the paddock to the fierce competition on the track and the professional standards in the paddock there is no doubt that National Motocross events continue to run at the highest level in the UK.

Championships SJP Moto Husqvarna will be competing in 2020

European Youth Championship

After the successfully 2019 season of competing the European 85cc Championship with Charlie Heyman, the team will be looking to return for the 2020 season with Finley Evans. In 2019 Heyman qualified to the Final in Sweden where the top British youngster secured 6th overall. 

Judd KTM ACU British Youth Championship

The Judd KTM ACU British Youth Championship is the premier junior motocross championship in the UK run by RHL Activities on behalf of the ACU. The championship consists of six rounds held across the summer months, competing at some of the premier circuit within the UK. In the 2019 season the team successfully secured two Championships with Reece Jones and Charlie Heyman while Finley Evans was on course to make it a hat trick until suffering a season ending injury.

Michelin MX Nationals

The Michelin MX Nationals is a National series for Pro’s, Youth’s and Amateur riders. The events take place across Saturday and Sunday and are run across the country. These events allow our Youth riders to compete alongside Pro riders on the same circuit. This is good for their development as they progress into Adult and Pro events.

National Championship Coverage

For all of the Championships above, each of the Championship promoters will supply pre event PR and post event reports to National and local newspapers and radio alongside specialist motorcycle Press outlets such as Trials and Motocross News, Dirt Bike Rider Magazine, MotoHead, MX Vice and various other motorcycle websites. Full results and race reports are published on various websites together with updates on numerous social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SJP Moto Racing Overview

The SJP Moto Racing started in 2013 by supported a few local riders in various National championship, with SJP Moto Husqvarna team being formed during the 2015 season with Callum Green in the BYN 125cc. After progressing during season, the team increased in size for the 2016 season. The team made the move into the Maxxis British Championship with the 2013 Maxxis British MXY2 Champion, Rob Davidson in the MX2, Callum Green in the Maxxis MXY2 and the BYN 125cc and Charlie Heyman in the BYN 65cc. The season provide successful for the team with Callum Green winning the BYN 125cc Championship and Charlie Heyman claiming the BYN 65cc Championship.

In the 2017 season the team increased its presence in the British Motocross scene with a lineup of riders in both the Pro and Youth ranks. In the Pro Team Rob Davidson moved up to the MX1 class in the Maxxis where he finished fourth in the Championship in his debut season. In the MX2 class both Tom Neal and Dexter Douglas competed on the 250f machines and produced strong points scoring results during the year.

The Youth team saw Wal Beaney Jnr claim the British Youth Nationals 65cc Title in dominant fashion. In the Small Wheel 85cc class Charlie Heyman took victory in over half of the races that he competed in at the British Youth Nationals following an injury. Lewis Wood finished the British Youth Nationals fifth in the Big Wheel 85cc class, while James and Lucy Barker also produced some great results during the year.

2018 was a tough season for the SJP team in both the Pro and Youth ranks after injuries limited their progress. Female rider Lucy Barker secured her second Girls National crown, while podiums were achieved by Charlie Heyman during the year.

For the 2019 season the SJP Moto Husqvarna team reverted to focusing on the Youth Championships and fielded a 10-rider squad across the different classes. With a strong rider line up the team were at the forefront of each of the classes and successfully claimed two British Youth Championship and Lucy Barker made it a hat trick of Girls Nationals crowns for the team to round off a great season.

The team also competed on the World and European scene with riders being selected for Team GB at the World Juniors, while Charlie Heyman finished 6th overall in the European Championship.

Meet the Team

Steve Parkin – Team Owner

Coming from a background in Road Racing and Supermoto, Steve developed an interest in the Motocross scene in 2013 before setting up the SJP Moto Company the same year. Since then Steve has been expanding the business and during the 2016 and 2017 season has made an increased push in the Racing team.

Leighton Haigh – Team Manager

Leighton joined the team and company in 2016 after coming from a background in International Road Race with both Factory Yamaha and Honda racing teams working at events such as the IOM TT, North West 200, World Endurance, Macau GP and British Superbikes from 2006 and 2015.

Meet The Riders

Reece Jones – 65cc Class – British 65cc Champion

  • First Name – Reece
  • Nickname – Reece I boy
  • Last name – Jones
  • Date of Birth – 16/10/08
  • Birth Place -Barnsley
  • Nationality – British
  • Weight – 6 stone 5 pound
  • Height – 4ft 3
  • Likes - moto x
  • Dislikes - School
  • Favourite Drink – lucozade spot
  • Favourite Food – roast dinner
  • Hobbies – moto x / gym
  • First race - auto fatcats September 2016 7 year old symx
  • First Race Win - keirden Park Scunthorpe
  • Favourite circuit – royal hills
  • Career Highlights - mx gp rider supporting England
  • Personal Sponsors –demex/hather plant hire/cool cube logistics ltd/pro scaffolding/Sme Rotherham/rmj rookie academy

Lucy Barker – Small Wheel 85cc Class – British Girls Small Wheel 85cc Champion

  • First Name – Lucy
  • Nickname –ginger ninja
  • Last name – Barker
  • Date of Birth – 11.06.07
  • Birth Place - cottingham
  • Nationality – British
  • Height – 4ft 10
  • Likes - Motocross and sport
  • Dislikes - school
  • Favourite Drink – hot chocolate
  • Favourite Food – pasta because it makes you faster
  • Hobbies – motocross, hockey, football, skiing netball and rugby.
  • First race - mx 90s on an auto Fat Cats
  • First Race Win - my first race win was with north east mx at dalton 
  • Favourite circuit – desert martin in Ireland
  • Career Highlights - Winning the Girls British Championship 2 times in a row (2017 and 2018)
  • Personal Sponsors – SJP Moto, motoshack, husqavarna, shoei, keirdan park, Gale common, WP suspension, truck links, imperial car centre, motorex, Dunlop,talon and jwr suspension. And of course my mum and dad

Finley Evans – Small Wheel 85cc Class

  • First Name – Finley
  • Nickname – Fin
  • Last name – Evans
  • Date of Birth – 25/6/2006
  • Birth Place – Exeter, Devon
  • Nationality – British
  • Weight – 6st 2lb
  • Height – 150 cm
  • Likes – Motocross, Boxing, Rugby, Football, Skiing
  • Dislikes – Butter
  • Favourite Drink – Orange and Passionfruit J20
  • Favourite Food – Pasta
  • Hobbies – Motocross, Boxing, Rugby
  • First race – Brookthorpe, Severn Valley Club, 2014, finished 7th overall
  • First Race Win – Little Silver, Exeter, Poole and Parkstone MX Club, 2015
  • Favourite circuit – Dunkerque, Culham
  • Career Highlights – 3rd place BYN 65cc 2017, 12th overall Coupe De L’Avenir 2017, 5th place BYN 85cc SW 2018
  • Personal Sponsors – SJP Moto, Ariel Motor Company, RF Racing, Roy Wells, Talon Engineering, Feridax (Shoei), Rip N Roll

Billy Askew – Small Wheel 85cc Class

  • First Name: Billy
  • Nick Name: Bam Bam
  • Last name: Askew.
  • Date of Birth: 27.08.07.
  • Birth Place: Lincoln.
  • Nationality: British
  • Weight: 5.5 stones
  • Height: 4ft.
  • Likes: Pitbiking, Mountain Biking, Training, Having fun with my mates.
  • Dislikes: School, Homework, Being injured.
  • Favourite drink: Fresh Orange Juice, Sambuca.
  • Favourite Food: Nando’s.
  • Hobbies: MX, MTB, Pitbikes, Free running.
  • First race: DMP Finningley.
  • First race Win: DMP Finningley.
  • Favourite track: RedSands.
  • Career highlights: Winning British Championship races in 2018, Leading Weston Beech race.
  • Personal Sponsors: Neal Litchfield, Mum and Dad.

Charlie Hayman – Big Wheel 85cc Class – British Big Wheel 85cc Champion

  • First Name – Charlie
  • Nickname – Chunk
  • Last name – Heyman
  • Date of Birth – 29/06/05
  • Birth Place - Nottingham
  • Nationality – British
  • Weight – 45Kg
  • Height – 5’ 2”
  • Likes - Animals, especially Dogs
  • Dislikes - Kawasaki’s !!!
  • Favourite Drink – Blackcurrant Cordial  
  • Favourite Food – McDonalds Breakfast
  • Hobbies – MX & Mountain Biking
  • First race - Peterborough MX Club
  • First Race Win - Peterborough MX Club
  • Favourite circuit – RedSands & Cusses Gorse
  • Career Highlights - Coupe de’l Aviner Champion, Belgium 65cc & 3 x British Championship titles
  • Personal Sponsors – SJP Husqvarna, Awsworth Motor Company, Parents

Jayden Haigh – Big Wheel 85cc Class

  • First name - Jayden
  • Nickname - Jaydenator
  • Last name - Haigh
  • Date of birth - 18/06/05
  • Birth place - Scunthorpe
  • Nationality - British
  • Weight - 6 stone 8 pounds
  • Height - 5 foot 5 inches
  • Likes - Football, Motocross, mountain biking, Pitbiking, skiing, girls
  • Dislikes - vegetables and school
  • Favourite drink - water
  • Favourite food - sausage rolls
  • Hobbies - football, Motocross, Pitbiking, mountain biking
  • First race - Kieradan park YMSA 2018
  • First win - Kieradan park YMSA 2018
  • Favourite circuit - Redsands GP track
  • Career highlights - Winning my first championship in my first season
  • Personal sponsors - SJP Moto and all their sponsors

James Barker – Big Wheel 85cc Class

  • First Name - James
  • Nick Name - Big balls Barker
  • Last Name - Barker
  • Date of Birth - 04/10/05
  • Place of Birth - Hull
  • Nationality - English
  • Weight - 9.2stone
  • Height - 1.6meters
  • Favourite Drink - Water
  • Favourite Food - Steak
  • Hobbies - Motocross, pitbiking,
  • First Race - When I was 4 at fatcats
  • First Race Win - 2nd year on a auto
  • Favourite Circuit - Redsand mxgp track
  • Career Highlight - Going to Spain
  • Personal Sponsors - SJP

Hudson Roper – Big Wheel 85cc Class

  • First Name –Hudson
  • Nickname –Hood
  • Last name –Roper
  • Date of Birth –26/07/2005
  • Birth Place -Halifax
  • Nationality –British
  • Weight –45kg
  • Height –1.6m
  • Likes -Mountain Biking, Riding Pit Bikes,Jet-Skiing
  • Dislikes -School
  • Favourite Drink –Fresh Orange
  • Favourite Food –Mum's Meat and Potato Pie
  • Hobbies –Riding Any Thing with An Engine or Two Wheels
  • First Race -Fatcats 2016
  • First Race Win -Finningley 2017
  • Favourite Circuit –MTF USA
  • Career Highlights -Mini O's in Florida 2017
  • Personal Sponsors –Hillcrest Garage

How Sponsorship can help your Company?

Whether your company is local, national or multinational with global reach. A well delivered sponsorship package can be a cost effective and powerful ways of advertising your company. SJP Moto has the ability to promote your company and creating a lasting impression. 

Highlighted below are some of the benefits of sponsoring SJP Moto

Race Truck Branding – with prime positions to ensure increased exposure for major partners on the team’s race truck.

Race Bike Branding ‐ your logo and brand on the teams race bike.

Awning Branding - your logo and brand on the teams paddock awning

Branding - Branding on all Promotional Media ‐ Posters, Team Website, Online Race Reports and including multi social media platforms.

PR Activity ‐ Specific PR opportunities with the riders and team    

Promotional Staff – opportunity for promotional staff to attend events

Corporate Hospitality – hospitality can be arranged with access to the Team Awning and meet the team and chat to the riders.                                

Team Website and Social Media – branding on the SJP Moto website, specific company / product page and external link to your company’s website               

Team Mail Newsletter – A post event email report that allows sponsors to keep up to date with the progress of the team during the season.

Sponsorship Options  

There are different ways that you and your company can become involved in the team include some of the following examples,

Product Sponsor – the supply of vital consumables that are used by the team to allow them to go racing every weekend

Shirt Sponsor – Place your company logo on the rider’s race shirts and clothing,

Bike Logo – Place your company logo on the team’s race bikes.

Helmet Sponsor – Sponsor the team rider’s race helmets. Produce a design that can promote your company on different areas of the helmet or a full helmet design.

Secondary Sponsor – Becoming a secondary Sponsor to the team would mean that your company name would be included in the official team name for the 2020 season. This would mean that you company would gain exposure from being printed in event programmes, results. Your company would regain extra branding on the teams race bikes, race truck and awning along with the riders race clothing.

Title Sponsor – As the Team’s ‘Title Sponsor’ your company name would be the main reference for the team name. This would mean that you company would gain exposure from being printed in event programmes, results. Your company would gain maximum exposure and branding on the team’s race bikes, race truck and awning along with the riders race clothing.

Further Information

For further information and to discuss the proposal in greater detail

please contact:

Leighton Haigh – SJP Moto Husqvarna – Team Manager

07956 686336