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TC 50

The modern and compact engine features the latest in 2-stroke technology, offering class-leading performance and ride-ability. By using a 3-shaft design, the crankshaft is positioned near the centre of gravity, which not only benefits mass centralisation but also creates the ideal intake angle into the reed valve for top-level performance. Additionally, the engine is fitted with an automatic centrifugal clutch that reduces riding complexity for younger riders. 
The exhaust is designed to specifically match the character of the TC 50 engine and is manufactured using a three-dimensional stamping process by WP Performance Systems. Once the components are shaped they are robot welded to ensure high levels of quality and durability.
A key feature of the TC 50 is the automatic centrifugal clutch. This allows youngsters to ride without the complexity of operating a manual clutch and gearbox. The multi-disc clutch delivers a precise and predictable power delivery across the RPM range. Furthermore, it can easily be set to suit rider preferences or track conditions without the use of any special tools.
Power reduction kit
For absolute beginners the engine power can be reduced to a moderate 5.5 hp using a kit from Husqvarna Accessories.
The bodywork of the TC 50 is modelled after the successful full-size motocross range. This means that when scaled down, the smaller riders experience the same contact points and ergonomic feeling, instilling confidence and comfort in all riding conditions allowing riders to perform at their best for longer periods of time. 

The high-strength chromoly steel frame is produced by WP Performance Systems and integrates carefully calculated parameters of longitudinal flex and torsional rigidity to benefit handling and suspension functionality. It guarantees easy handling and precise cornering, along with outstanding stability.

Front Suspension
Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the TC 50 is fitted with a set of revolutionary WP AER 35 forks. Besides being very light weight, the 35 mm USD forks feature exceptional damping and comfort characteristics, allowing the rider to push the limit with complete confidence. With 205 mm of wheel travel, the air unit in the left fork leg can be easily adjusted with the use of an air pump for rider preference, weight or track conditions.

Rear Suspension
Linked directly to the swingarm, the WP monoshock is ideally matched to the front forks for perfect balance and damping characteristics. Additionally, the rear shock offers 185 mm of suspension travel and is fully adjustable allowing it to be tailored to rider preferences or track conditions.
Featuring the same level of technology offered on the full-size motocross range, the TC 50 is fitted with hydraulic brake callipers and waved front and rear brake discs. The system ensures advanced brake feeling and stopping performance in all conditions.
Mirroring the full-size motocross range, the TC 50 uses lightweight, black anodised, aluminium rims providing the highest strength and reliability. The standard MAXXIS tyres provide progressive grip on a variety of different terrains.
The TC 50 features a liquid cooling system for the cylinder and crank cases. The large radiators work together with the spoilers to channel air through the cooling fins, efficiently ensuring sufficient cooling in all conditions.
Made of high-quality aluminium alloy, the handlebars offer top stability and safety. A crash pad on the handlebar brace protects the rider from impacts.
Modelled after the full-size motocross bikes, the TC 50 features striking and modern graphics in white, yellow and blue depicting the Swedish heritage of the Husqvarna brand. Additionally, the graphics are applied using an in-mould process to ensure the best durability and quality.

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