Husqvarna TC 85 Big wheel 2017

Condition: New

More Information:
Husqvarna TC 85 Big Wheels 2017

• New from the ground up TC 250 2-stroke model

• All-new WP AER 48 mm forks

• CNC Upper Triple Clamp

• Handlebar support

• Traction Control on the 4-stroke engines

• Map switch on the 4-stroke models

• Bodywork with new Colour Trim and Graphics

• Dunlop MX-3S Tyres

• Rear tyre FC 250 (110 instead of 100)

• Cylinder head mountings on the 4-stroke models (made of aluminium instead of steel)

• Rear brake lever (10 mm longer)

• Rear brake pads (different material)

We are a Husqvarna main dealer and all are work is carried out to main dealer standards.
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